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Creative innovation

DuluxGroup helps  consumers imagine and create better places and spaces to live and work. From household rooms transformed by the latest designer colours to the ripe tomatoes in the garden, to the coatings that protect landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge - DuluxGroup products are at work. Their brands have been woven into the fabric of communities, helping consumers live better and more comfortable lives. They employ about 2,500 people in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South-East Asia and China. DuluxGroup’s origins date back to 1918 when the foundations of the existing business were established in Sydney, Australia.

A palette for diversity

Women make up 30% of DuluxGroup’s workforce and 25% of the Executive team are women. The company works hard to attract, retain and develop female talent as diversity is a key priority for them. 50% of current graduates recruited over the past few years are female.

High-gloss outcomes

DuluxGroup ensures mandatory representation of at least one woman on all short lists for executive role recruitment. They've compulsory training for all line managers on flexible work practices and managing requests for addressing work and care responsibilities. They train managers on recognising and challenging unconscious bias and there's compulsory ‘Appropriate workplace behaviour’ training for all employees. DuluxGroup propvide 'Return to work' coaching and mentoring for new parents.

“From the Board and the CEO down, there is a drive right throughout DuluxGroup to increase the number of women overall and to increase the number of women in leadership positions. Our ongoing success hinges on attracting the best people from the most diverse talent pool. We have made tangible improvements this year, and we are committed to pushing even harder for sustainable change.”
Peter Kirby, DuluxGroup Chairman

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